Food For Thought: Environmental Wellness

Being disconnected from our planet is easier than we think, especially in today’s world. We are spending more time inside compared to any other generation. Too often I notice myself, shrimp-in-desk chair meme, sucked into the bright light rectangle dictating my days. The habit of being outdoors is frequently forgotten about or abandoned in our jam-packed, colorful gcals. Yet, being connected to our planet has more to offer than we often remember!

  1. Being rooted

When we spend time outside, we become more grounded, balanced, and present. Think about the glow of the sun slowly warming your skin and feeling a soft breeze through your hair.

When I would be drowning in my own thoughts, my friend had a saying of “touch grass”. This simple statement reconnects me to the planet and to finding peace outside of the squishy material in my skull. Read meat sack. Our own worlds can become small and suffocating, yet being outside forces those barriers down, visually and spiritually.

Get out and go on that hot folks walk, even a stroll around the block. Implementing this into my morning schedule a few times a week has totally been a game changer in breaking through the small world in my brain. Starting my day outside boosts the happy chemicals in my brain, even if initially I am dragging myself out of bed. Below are more resources about the benefits of walking!

  1. Vibrancy

Did you know that the food you eat can change your behavior? Ability to focus? And have impacts on your mental health? In fact, there is a direct link between our gut and brain!

Our guts are full of micro bacteria that scientists call our “microbiome”. This microbiome is a group of bacteria that help us digest certain foods, regulate our hormones, and even have effects fighting against cancer cells. This microbiome is an ecosystem that lives within us. Nature is a part of us, just as much as we are a part of nature. Fruits and veggies boost our mood, natural fuels for spirit and body. The more colorful, natural food we consume, the more radiant our personalities will shine

  1. Environmentalism

While our environment makes significant impacts on our lives, the wellness wheel also leads us to think about our role in how we impact the planet. Climate change is pushing our planet to its limits. Without going into extensive detail, here are 3 things to do to reduce your footprint:

  • Meatless Mondays

  • Reflect on your shopping consumption, especially at fast fashion retailers

  • Beware of greenwashing and use apps like Yuka to help evaluate products that may be marketed to appear better than they really are.

Planet Earth is a unique and ever-evolving ecosystem that we get to experience, internally and externally. Take some time to tune into all our planet has to offer, you may be surprised at the impact it makes on your overall wellbeing.

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